A Spiritual Journey Through Collective Healing
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About Priya

Collective Healing: "A healing impulse from which not only few, but many people benefit, perhaps even large parts of the population."

Priya is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Certified Thai Yoga and Reiki Practitioner who has traveled the world to immerse herself in a variety of yoga and spiritual practices.  After spending her younger years in the world of competitive sports, dance and also coaching gymnastics, she went on to study Kinesiology and Clinical Massage Therapy. 


Priya is a breast and thyroid cancer survivor who chose to use yoga, alternative treatments and healthy living to help heal her cancer naturally.  


Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, Priya has been dedicated to the practice of yoga.  She now curates and facilitates her own yoga workshops and retreats which fuse wellness, connection, adventure and healing along with yoga-based fundamentals in beautiful locales.

When she's not teaching yoga and meditation or practicing Reiki and healing touch, Priya strives to bring awareness to issues like mental health, cancer, alternative medicine and feminism while making time to explore and study various esoteric and spiritual pursuits from different teachers and schools of thought from all corners of the Earth.


Priya hopes that sharing her incredible story of healing cancer naturally and holistically using yoga, plant medicine, alternative treatments and healthy living will help others with their own personal journey.

"When we heal others,

we heal ourselves.

When we heal ourselves,

we heal others."

Join Priya on her collective healing journey through yoga, massage therapy, meditation and energy healing.



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