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Yoga + Massage + Movement +Meditation + Energy Healing + Surviving Cancer with Alternative Treatment
A Spiritual Journey Through Collective Healing


Collective Healing: "A healing impulse from which not only few, but many people benefit, perhaps even large parts of the population."

Priya grew up in the world of competitive dance, acrobatics and athletics and then went on to study Kinesiology and Clinical Massage Therapy. 


She is also a certified:


-Yoga Teacher (RYT 200hr Yoga Alliance)  

-Thai Yoga Massage Therapist (RYT 90hr Yoga Alliance)

-Gymnastics Coach (NCCP Level I & II)

-Reiki Practitioner 


Priya refused conventional treatment options and turned to alternative medicine after two separate battles with cancer - thyroid then breast - and discovered a passion for Yoga in the process. 

After successfully beating advanced stage breast cancer using natural/alternative treatment protocols, Priya continued to use Yoga to help stay healthy and to cope with the mental and physical trauma and recovery post-mastectomy. 


Yoga has allowed her to enjoy the process of partaking in a practice which combines her passion for movement, healing and spirituality.  Practicing yoga has helped Priya to remain healthy and manage the pain and discomfort associated with having a mastectomy, lymph node dissection and reconstructive surgery, even so many years later.

In addition to teaching her private and corporate classes, Priya now holds workshops and events which blend motivational speaking, education, fitness, creative movement, self-care and healing through yoga-based fundamentals.

When not teaching yoga, meditation and movement classes or practicing healing touch, Priya spends her time trying to bring awareness to issues like mental health, cancer, women's issues and alternative medicine.


Most days, she also tries to find the time to steep herself in learning different esoteric and spiritual philosophies.

Her goal is to spread to others the healing knowledge that she's gained not only from her education and personal health battles but also from her spiritual travels and trainings in places like India, Mexico, Peru, Bali, Sedona and beyond.

"When we heal others,

we heal ourselves.

When we heal ourselves,

we heal others."

Join PRIYA on her collective healing journey through yoga, massage therapy, meditation, movement and energy healing.



Unnecessary Information About The Construct of Me

The moon and ocean (I float in between).  Space (between us and the final frontier).  The smell and sound of rain at night.  Peonies.  Solitude (92% of the time).  Wheatgrass shots.  Writing.  Long drives alone.  Dive bars.  Green juices.  Mysticism.  Rome.  Mascara.  Plant medicine.  Alan Watts.  New Orleans.  Sacred geometry (pi and phi).  Craft Beer.  Watermelon (that's as sweet as I go).  Espresso (I'll be up for 24 hours, though).  The opera.  Self sabotage (like living in a self-induced perpetual state of dehydration).  Self care (requires a lot of isolation and hydration).  Exploring consciousness.  Ballet (my first love).  Dogs (better than humans).  Baseball.  Manual transmission.  Jazz music.  Sleep (apparently anytime but nighttime).  Kubrick.  Black and white movies.  Black and white photography.  Bill Murray.  Spicy food.  Trip-hop.  The cello (my second love).  Art.  Darkness.  Light.  Tupac (my third love).  Esoteric conversation.  Tattoos.  Scars.  Pasta.  Sauvignon Blanc.  Conspiracy theories (I'll believe anything on YouTube).  Denim.  Beaches).  Depeche Mode.  Wearing men's cologne (I love androgeny).  Black.  Passion fruit.  Bob Marley.  The 60's (I'm in the wrong era).  Existential experiences.  Swearing.

Meditation (to escape this place).

Yoga (to cope with this place).

Family and friends (reasons to love this place).




July 27, 2019

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