(Priya is wearing the "GLORIA" bra by Anaono Intimates)

Life during and even after Breast Cancer isn't easy, so finding the right bra should be the least of our worries, right?

After I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I couldn't find any bras that were made for my body in any of it's unique stages - from being completely flat post-mastectomy, to living with expanders, and then eventually silicone implants.

Thank goodness for Anaono Intimates!

Anaono Intimates recently sent me some gorgeous bras and they fit like a glove...I'm still in shock because regular bras just don't fit my post-cancer chest.

Not only do they fit amazingly, but they're so damn comfortable that I even practiced yoga in them! I've honestly never felt more comfortable doing yoga!

Currently, I'm battling with the decision of whether or not to remove my implants for health reasons, and which direction to go in post-explant. Whatever path I decide to take, whether going flat or not, I know Anaono Intimates will have bras that will be just perfect for me.

Since we've got the bra issue out of the way, let's talk about how to improve our quality of life either living with or post-breast cancer through yoga, shall we?

Trauma caused by harsh treatments and surgeries can cause a plethora of mobility, postural and strength issues due to scar-tissue.

Thankfully, there are yoga poses you can try to help stretch the entire front body - arms, shoulders, abdomen, chest and throat - all which tend to tighten-up and become stiff post-breast cancer because of either a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, radiation or even lymph-node dissection.

Here are 3 yoga poses in 3 fabulous bras to help you heal and recover from breast cancer. I hope they help you to better understand your bad-ass, warrior body!


(Priya is wearing the "GLORIA" bra by Anaono Intimates)

By practicing Bow Pose, we are working to break-up scar tissue in the chest and regain lost mobility in the shoulders and spine

Start by lying on your stomach, you can even place a soft pillow or blanket under your chest for comfort and protection.

Next, bend your knees and reach back with your arms to carefully grab your ankles/feet, if you can. If you can't, don't be hard on yourself, baby steps, you'll get there, just practice reaching for those feet in the meantime.

After clasping your ankles, gently start to stretch your hands and feet higher and higher until you feel a nice all-over stretch.

Your gaze/focus (or drishti, for you yogis) should be straight forward and not down towards the ground - this helps to strengthen the neck muscles and correct the cervical spine.

Hold the pose for a few deep breaths and focus on opening up the heart to let in healing.

Take a Child's Pose right after to neutralize the spine.

The "GLORIA" bra is glorious!! No underwire, yet a ton of support! Comfy with luxurious lace!! I'm in love!